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You’ve depended on Gmail for like the past decade, and don’t want any other mail service in your life. But at the same time, you’re also very fond of Bitrix24. Connect24 is the link – or as you may wish, the connecter – between Gmail and Bitrix24 that you’ve been waiting for, for at least a decent part of your life. Try it for free, with unlimited users, right now!

MAKE Interactive is a Gold Certified Partner of Bitrix and developedConnect24 trough expertise and collaberation.

The best of Gmail and Bitrix24 in one app

Connect24 is the app that combines the best of Gmail and Bitrix24. We’ve developed an interface from where new contacts from Gmail can be imported to Bitrix24. This interface also offers the possibility to add new tasks and activities from Gmail to Bitrix 24.


As a Bitrix24 administrator, you can download the Connect24 app and make it available for all your colleagues
If you are the Bitrix24 administrator for your organisation, then it’s possible to download Connect24 to your existing Bitrix24 instance. Installing the app brings a number of new possibilities with it. After downloading Connect24 as the administrator, all other employees can also download the new version and install it.

Reply to Gmail from Bitrix24
As soon as the app is installed, a whole new CRM world will open up for you. As soon as you open an email in Gmail, a Connect24 button appears on screen. This button enables you to be able to reply directly from Bitrix24. This way evryone can email in their favourite way: from Gmail or from Bitrix24.


Automatically added to CRM system
Connect24 gives you the option to add new details to existing contacts. These new details can be added directly to the CRM system. As soon as a new email is sent to this contact, you can send an invitation for the CRM system.


Fill your calendar in no-time with Connect24
New messages that come in through Bitrix24, can be added to the task list in three clicks. As soon as a message is in the task list, it can be added to the calendar. This is so simple, you’ll notice your calendar will be filled in no time.


Create new tasks from Gmail in Bitrix24
Creating tasks from email is a long-awaited function for Bitrix24 users, and there is an option for choosing a deadline directly in the pop-up. The task will be assigned to you, but once in Bitrix24, you can delegate or edit it as needed. If the sender does not exist yet in your CRM, you can create a Lead or Contact as shown above via clicking only, make the task, and send without leaving your mailbox at any time during the process!

Try Connect24 for free
Test Connect24 free of charge for the first 30 days. Like it? Then you can switch to a monthly payment plan.

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