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Coordinating Single Sign-On among multiple business software tools is an important feature for users of the Bitrix24 self-hosted version. Even though SSO only saves a small amount of time, it saves time every day for every employee and prevents a great deal of frustration with constant logins and occasional loss of passwords.


Connection between Bitriz24 and other softwaretools

Using SAML, a very convenient bridge can be made from Bitrix24 to other tools in your local environment or to any website that supports SAML. Bitrix24 can receive the user’s identity from elsewh ere, such as an ADFS, or act as an Identity Provider itself.


For all SAML supporting software

This is differs from the AD/LDAP integration that is built into Bitrix24 as the source for authentication information can be any software that supports SAML, whether local or in the cloud. But it is similar in that Bitrix24 will find authentication information without bothering the user. The process is performed by an XML exchange between the servers.


Free advise from our Bitrix24-expert

Do you want to save a lot of time by using Single Sign-On? Bitrix24 expert Sander is there to answer your questions personally. You can reach him on (+31)13 76 20 150, add him on Skype as the account name iwebchat or email to sander@make-interactive.com.
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