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One two click: setting up a new contact form in Bitrix24

Want to set up a contact form? Bitrix24 makes it as easy as possible.

Check out how in 3 minutes:

1. Personalise
Design your dream contact form in a few clicks.

2. Your company name on the public page

3. Fi-nal-ly: integration with Bitrix24 CRM

4. Make a hierarchy for employees that receive the filled in contact forms
< screenshot van een wachtrij >

5. Contact form results can be connected to Google Analytics
Connect the filled in forms to Google Analytics. Add the Google Analytics-ID while designing the contact form.
< screenshot van het koppelen aan Google Analytics >

6. Five pre-designed forms
Don’t want to design it yourself? Choose one of the pre-designed forms.

7. Three scenarios
Which contact form do you need?
– Simple forms;
– Forms with field rules;
– Forms with online payment option, for instance with Paypal

8. Embedded forms – copy & paste the code into your web page

Get started straight away or free advise from our Bitrix24 expert
Creating contact forms has never been so easy. Make it easy on yourself and your clients and send the contact form link through chat or email, so your clients can decide when to answer. Convinced? Or do you still have questions? Bitrix24 expert Sander is there to answer your questions personally. You can reach him on (+31)13 76 20 150, add him on Skype as the account name iwebchat or email to sander@make-interactive.com.

Source: https://www.bitrix24.com/about/blogs/updates/meet-new-bitrix24-CRM-forms.php

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