Bitrix24: Social Intranet with astoundingly many opportunities

Bitrix24 is a Social Intranet with astoundingly many opportunities. Until recently, only available in English, which could mean it wouldn’t be as clear to just any Dutch intranet user. To break through that language barrier, we proudly announce that Bitrix24 has now introduced an entirely Dutch version. A unique event, as this is the very first Social Intranet to be completely in Dutch.

Bilingual option available

If your business operates internationally, you can make Bitrix24 available in Dutch for your Dutch branch and simultaneously, keeping the English version for all other countries. This way, Bitrix24 brings people and teams a lot closer together in an online work environment, in clear language. Customers can easily be added to separate groups as well, to no longer just work for them, but also with them.

Everything comes together

MAKE Interactive is Bitrix Gold Certified Partner and specializes in Bitrix24. MAKE Interactive knows all the ins and outs of this smart business communications tool. The ideal bridge building intermediary for suitable advice and easy implementation. Whether it is about companies with 2 or 20.000 employees. MAKE Interactive loves to makes it work. Bitrix24 can be connected to existing information systems and guarantees an immaculate internal and external cooperation. For example, project group and task management, CRM and an accountancy system; everything comes together in Bitrix24.

Sounds like an idea for your organisation?

Are you curious about Bitrix24, especially now it has become available entirely in Dutch as well? Our social intranet and Bitrix24 specialist Sander Buijs, would be delighted to explain all options and how these can be integrated specifically into your organisation. Please send an email to or call him on telephone number +31 (0)13 5450323.