IF Technology gets more out of Bitrix24

‘Our custom-made Bitrix24-tool immediately saves us one FTE’

For several years now, Bitrix24 served as the user-friendly social intranet and CRM application that IF Technology always wanted. The connection between sales and project management, however, needed to be strengthened. The solution: a custom-made process from MAKE Interactive.

‘Thanks to the new tool we are exploiting more sales opportunities, we are better able to serve existing customers, and job satisfaction has increased,’ business controller Walid Sharifzada says. ‘And in an organisation of sixty people, we immediately save one FTE. We are already able to recoup the costs for the custom-made process this year.’

Let Bitrix24 work even better for your organisation

Bitrix24 is a complete and user-friendly application. Perfect for organisations from 5 up to several hundred employees. However, every organisation requires different things from their CRM. Would you like to get much more out of Bitrix24, allowing it to let your organisation grow? This requires custom work.

All information in one place

From IF Technology, Walid Sharifzada and Pepijn Wennekers worked together with MAKE Interactive (Bitrix Certified Gold Partner) on their completely integrated custom-made Bitrix24-tool. The result: The company has all its lead and project information conveniently in one place. And immediately benefits from it.

Customizable and user-friendly CRM

“How many leads do we have? How many of these leads become deals? I had no idea – and for me, as a business controller, this knowledge is crucial to be able to steer growth’ Walid explains. ‘I was looking for a user-friendly CRM that could be completely finetuned to the wishes of IF Technology. We are a project-oriented organisation and therefore smooth advancement from sales to project management is crucial.’

‘Information is power, sharing that information is power as well’

Pepijn Wennekers is project manager at IF Technology and from that role he also had some needs: ‘Our CRM system was actually a fragmentation of all kinds of programs and self-made tools. We could not easily see which colleagues were working with which customers, projects, opportunities and quotations. And what was the active status of that. The busier it became, the less the overview. That was undesirable.’

Project administration and time registration integrated in Bitrix24

His colleague Walid continues: ‘IF Technology is a practical organisation. Due to this, for the development of our custom CRM tool within Bitrix24 we weren’t looking for an expensive consultant who was going to make an extensive analysis and consume half of our budget while doing so. MAKE Interactive is just as practical as we are. Together with Sander from MAKE, we wrote a plan for the tool, in which we could also integrate our project information and time registration.’

Bottom-up development CRM

If you are considering having a custom-made tool developed within Bitrix24, it is important to chart the wishes of the organisation in advance. What do your processes look like? And how should they be structured and organised?

Project manager Pepijn: ‘From the user layer I questioned Walid: what do colleagues need in order to do their job even better and to make our customers even happier? That bottom up approach creates more involvement and better use of Bitrix24 as CRM.’

Business Controller Walid: ‘I highly appreciated actively thinking along with and advising Sander during the entire design and development process. He works for a project organisation himself and therefore understands exactly what a project organisation like IF Technology needs.’

From makeshift to a custom CRM tool

“With our custom-made CRM tool we have forced ourselves to work more disciplined administratively and to play at a higher level which ultimately benefits the entire company’, Pepijn concludes.

‘After a search of almost ten years we finally found the necessary toolbox to be able to practice good sales and to optimally serve our customers.

I’ve really become a Bitrix24 ambassador. I stimulate colleagues to use it to their advantage. I see the developments within Bitrix as an ongoing process’

MAKE understands exactly what a sales and project organisation needs

MAKE Interactive is a dedicated Bitrix24 Gold partner and ranked among the top 3 of best Bitrix developers. We primarily focus on custom work within Bitrix24. We develop modules, adjust features, develop business processes. We do all this globally, for organisations of ten to five hundred employees.

Help your organisation to a higher level too

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one platform for The New Way of Working: with CRM, Tasks, Projects, Documents, Messaging and much more. Simply choose what you would like to start with. Subsequently you can integrate all your wishes step by step.