From Bitrix24 to a self-hosted EXO24

‘A customized CRM that connects people and cultures’

EXO Travel Group has offices in 17 different countries throughout Asia, USA, Australia and Europe, each with their own unique cultures, languages and over 950 people.

“With that many offices, employees, and cultures, it’s an ongoing challenge to get everyone on the same level,” says Dan Tilley from EXO Travel. “Together with MAKE Interactive we developed a self-hosted CRM that meets all our demands.”

Lack of accurate insights

EXO Travel Group saw that the current lack of accurate insights into the client facing areas of their business as an ongoing threat to profitability and long-term business success. Thus, they took the step of looking for a solution to this business problem and determined that a CRM System should be adopted and launched.

An entire ‘Business Management’ system

EXO Travel partnered with MAKE Interactive to customize a Bitrix24 installation and extend its purpose to a streamlined, intra-company collaboration platform. They provided their requirements and discussed them thoroughly with MAKE for the latter to deliver an entire ‘Business Management’ system to fit their needs.

Monitor thousands of variables

As a B2B travel organizer, EXO Travel tailors distinctive tours through Asia. Composing such trips involves thousands of variables. In EXO24, their customized version of Bitrix24, EXO can monitor every little step of this process. EXO Travel is one of the many multinationals that base their workflow on Bitrix24. For a lot of those companies MAKE Interactive takes care of the CRM customization.

Real-time insights

In the CRM intended by EXO Travel, various existing and new business systems must be integrated. For example a system that’s used to measure and monitor KPIs. “Before every office managed KPIs their own way, without consistency and transparency,” says EXO Travel Systems Project Manager Dan Tilley. “The use of Bitrix24 gives us real-time and worldwide insights in all of the results.”

This is how EXO Travel benefits from their customized Bitrix24:

  • increased speed of response to inquiries;
  • increased insight on client touch points;
  • decrease in mistaken actions owing to more organized work environment;
  • increased customer satisfaction due to improvements on;
  • response times;
  • accuracy of response;
  • reduced mistakes;
  • increased sense of staff community, locally and globally;

Now that we have EXO24 (our internal name for the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 that we have developed), we feel much more unified and we are able to easily share information and work resources among all of our 950 employees

One comprehensive CRM

The final product consists of many linked modules and integrates a set of configurable and customizable business tools. These tools have the capacity to address the original business problem, as well as extending the system’s function into other areas of business productivity, management and community support.

Do you also want to lift your organization to a higher level?

Bitrix24 is an all-in-one platform including CRM, Tasks, Projects, Documents, Messaging, and many more options and tools. Easily choose your base. From there together we can integrate all your wishes step by step.