Why purchase Bitrix24 from MAKE interactive?

What difference does it make where I buy Bitrix24? A lot!
  • MAKE Interactive has made solutions built on Bitrix24 for over 8 years
  • We provide you with a solution, not just software
  • Customization, app development, consultation, and training
  • Get the best value when purchasing a Bitrix license
  • At least two complimentary hours of support with your purchase
  • Great freebies in your deployment: security upgrade, widgets, and a ready-made business processes,
  • We have a phone. (If you’ve tried to call Bitrix, you understand).
  • Eight years of experience with Bitrix24
  • Get a full hosting, installation, and license package from one place.
  • Discounts on the best add-ons:  Helpdesk enhancement, MAKE Pages
  • Premium helpdesk
  • Highly skilled in e-commerce integrations
  • No client too small or too big
  • In-house development team averaging 5 years of experience